This article may look like another article about the common app rejections by the App Store reviewers; though it’s not.

Even Apple itself is very open about this subject and they have an official guide on common app rejections in the app review. So we will rehash these from a…

As the markets become more global, perceptions became more important than reality. Against the large conglomerates that can alter perception with high-budgeted marketing campaigns, start-ups only have one option to survive: to trust in their product and achievements.

What you do is what describes you best. The product reflects the…

It’s not a solution.

Webster’s Dictionary defines workaround as “a plan or method to circumvent a problem (as in computer software) without eliminating it.”

As the formal definition indicates, it is circumvention and not the actual solution to a problem. …

There are almost 200 countries in the world inhabiting 6.5 billion people.

However, even if you are not aware yet, the concept of “citizenship” is changing. There are emerging dynamics that extend beyond the birthplace or having the passport of a country.

Almost all countries require their citizens to pay…


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