As Appcircle, we recently launched our product on Product Hunt and even though we have a relatively niche product that specifically appeals to mobile app developers, we became the #3 product of the day after going back and forth in #2 and #3.

I would like to talk about our experience with a successful product launch.

Overview and Facts of a Product Hunt launch

Before the launch

  • If you don’t have a large network or a user base to get…

This article may look like another article about the common app rejections by the App Store reviewers; though it’s not.

Even Apple itself is very open about this subject and they have an official guide on common app rejections in the app review. So we will rehash these from a positive perspective instead by focusing on how you can develop your app in such a way that it is well-received by Apple. For a much better app, don’t ask yourself the question “How can I avoid being rejected?”, instead ask yourself, “How can I make Apple like my app?”


In a recent report about mobile CI/CD, which is a rare sight, highly valuable insights were shared about mobile CI/CD use in various organizations.

I wanted to reproduce certain parts of the report to point out the current trends in the market and raise a discussion on these findings.

You can find the quotes and the insights from the report followed by my commentary.

What do you think about it?
Just share your opinions in the comments.

How are the mobile CI/CD tools set up in the organizations?

“As the mobile teams get larger, which is usually an indication of a larger organization like a multinational enterprise, the on-premise usage gets…

The concept of simulators and emulators resemble something else in everyone’s mind.

A gamer may think about all the retro games they can play while a DevOps professional may think about virtualization.

For a mobile app enthusiast, however, it is a mobile OS running in a desktop environment, but it can be achieved both with simulation and emulation and there is a confusion on which is which thanks to Apple and Google’s different approaches towards the same subject.

What is an emulator?

The concept of an emulator is best known for running older applications on newer hardware with the compatible old hardware that is “emulated” (mimicked) at the software level.

With gaming and virtualization, emulation became…

For more than 10 years now, we have worked in developing mobile app development products with a UI development tool.

We thought that we can contribute to the Flutter ecosystem with our experience so we took on the task of searching the market for visual design aids or UI development tools for Flutter app development.

Developers’ Stance on Visual Design Aids/UI Development Tools for Mobile Apps

However, even before going through the state of the market, we see that the developers are reluctant to use such tools even if they are provided by the frameworks themselves. Gaining the acceptance of developers is even tougher for third-party UI development tools.

Some developers…

When we consider the time spent working, we realize that we spend more time with our job more than our family, friends or hobbies; but most of the time, we are not thinking thoroughly enough when we receive a job offer.

What I have observed is that most people tend to focus on job interviews themselves, but not the interviewer company. If someone makes a good offer, they just accept it. Actually, an interview is two sided and it is also about the candidate evaluating the company.

My personal criteria and their priorities for evaluating a company would be as…

Companies are just like living organisms, they change their shapes and even a part of their identities in some cases, adapting to the changing market conditions.

The culture of a company is more or less defined by the Founders and especially if the founder is still leading the company; the strategies, the products and the teams are highly likely to be his/her reflection.

The Founder works with a team that is harmonious with his own culture. That team develops a strategy accordingly, ultimately becoming a sales and marketing machine.

Larger corporations tend to grow with acquisitions to scale faster. Usually…

As the markets become more global, perceptions became more important than reality. Against the large conglomerates that can alter perception with high-budgeted marketing campaigns, start-ups only have one option to survive: to trust in their product and achievements.

What you do is what describes you best. The product reflects the mood of the team behind it. When I experience such a product, I believe that I can feel in what kind of a mood and by what kind of a team it is developed.

Small touches and experiences that make you smile convey the feeling that it is developed by…

It’s not a solution.

Webster’s Dictionary defines workaround as “a plan or method to circumvent a problem (as in computer software) without eliminating it.”

As the formal definition indicates, it is circumvention and not the actual solution to a problem. It is a break-glass move and should only be used in emergency situations as a short-term fix.

For instance you just cleaned your house before your guests arrive and just as the door rings, you notice a small bit of dirt on the carpet. Instead of removing it permanently, you can sweep it under the rug in that moment. However…

There are almost 200 countries in the world inhabiting 6.5 billion people.

However, even if you are not aware yet, the concept of “citizenship” is changing. There are emerging dynamics that extend beyond the birthplace or having the passport of a country.

Almost all countries require their citizens to pay taxes (hence, “death and taxes”). The reasoning behind the taxation is the services provided by the government for the citizens.

However, what would happen if we decide to pay third parties to receive the same services instead of the government?

We all have a range of basic needs (health, nourishment…


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